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Efficient Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Cross-Attention Transformer

by   Xin Chen, et al.
Dalian University of Technology
National University of Defense Technology

In recent years, target tracking has made great progress in accuracy. This development is mainly attributed to powerful networks (such as transformers) and additional modules (such as online update and refinement modules). However, less attention has been paid to tracking speed. Most state-of-the-art trackers are satisfied with the real-time speed on powerful GPUs. However, practical applications necessitate higher requirements for tracking speed, especially when edge platforms with limited resources are used. In this work, we present an efficient tracking method via a hierarchical cross-attention transformer named HCAT. Our model runs about 195 fps on GPU, 45 fps on CPU, and 55 fps on the edge AI platform of NVidia Jetson AGX Xavier. Experiments show that our HCAT achieves promising results on LaSOT, GOT-10k, TrackingNet, NFS, OTB100, UAV123, and VOT2020. Code and models are available at


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