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Efficient Vision Transformers via Fine-Grained Manifold Distillation

by   Ding Jia, et al.
HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.
The University of Sydney
Peking University

This paper studies the model compression problem of vision transformers. Benefit from the self-attention module, transformer architectures have shown extraordinary performance on many computer vision tasks. Although the network performance is boosted, transformers are often required more computational resources including memory usage and the inference complexity. Compared with the existing knowledge distillation approaches, we propose to excavate useful information from the teacher transformer through the relationship between images and the divided patches. We then explore an efficient fine-grained manifold distillation approach that simultaneously calculates cross-images, cross-patch, and random-selected manifolds in teacher and student models. Experimental results conducted on several benchmarks demonstrate the superiority of the proposed algorithm for distilling portable transformer models with higher performance. For example, our approach achieves 75.06 accuracy on the ImageNet-1k dataset for training a DeiT-Tiny model, which outperforms other ViT distillation methods.


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