Efficient training and design of photonic neural network through neuroevolution

by   Tian Zhang, et al.

Recently, optical neural networks (ONNs) integrated in photonic chips has received extensive attention because they are expected to implement the same pattern recognition tasks in the electronic platforms with high efficiency and low power consumption. However, the current lack of various learning algorithms to train the ONNs obstructs their further development. In this article, we propose a novel learning strategy based on neuroevolution to design and train the ONNs. Two typical neuroevolution algorithms are used to determine the hyper-parameters of the ONNs and to optimize the weights (phase shifters) in the connections. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training algorithms, the trained ONNs are applied in the classification tasks for iris plants dataset, wine recognition dataset and modulation formats recognition. The calculated results exhibit that the training algorithms based on neuroevolution are competitive with other traditional learning algorithms on both accuracy and stability. Compared with previous works, we introduce an efficient training method for the ONNs and demonstrate their broad application prospects in pattern recognition, reinforcement learning and so on.




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