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Efficient solution method based on inverse dynamics for optimal control problems of rigid body systems

by   Sotaro Katayama, et al.

We propose an efficient way of solving optimal control problems for rigid-body systems on the basis of inverse dynamics and the multiple-shooting method. We treat all variables, including the state, acceleration, and control input torques, as optimization variables and treat the inverse dynamics as an equality constraint. We eliminate the update of the control input torques from the linear equation of Newton's method by applying condensing for inverse dynamics. The size of the resultant linear equation is the same as that of the multiple-shooting method based on forward dynamics except for the variables related to the passive joints and contacts. Compared with the conventional methods based on forward dynamics, the proposed method reduces the computational cost of the dynamics and their sensitivities by utilizing the recursive Newton-Euler algorithm (RNEA) and its partial derivatives. In addition, it increases the sparsity of the Hessian of the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions, which reduces the computational cost, e.g., of Riccati recursion. Numerical experiments show that the proposed method outperforms state-of-the-art implementations of differential dynamic programming based on forward dynamics in terms of computational time and numerical robustness.


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