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Efficient Semi-Implicit Variational Inference

by   Vincent Moens, et al.

In this paper, we propose CI-VI an efficient and scalable solver for semi-implicit variational inference (SIVI). Our method, first, maps SIVI's evidence lower bound (ELBO) to a form involving a nonlinear functional nesting of expected values and then develops a rigorous optimiser capable of correctly handling bias inherent to nonlinear nested expectations using an extrapolation-smoothing mechanism coupled with gradient sketching. Our theoretical results demonstrate convergence to a stationary point of the ELBO in general non-convex settings typically arising when using deep network models and an order of O(t^-4/5) gradient-bias-vanishing rate. We believe these results generalise beyond the specific nesting arising from SIVI to other forms. Finally, in a set of experiments, we demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm in approximating complex posteriors on various data-sets including those from natural language processing.


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