Efficient refinements on YOLOv3 for real-time detection and assessment of diabetic foot Wagner grades

by   Aifu Han, et al.

Currently, the screening of Wagner grades of diabetic feet (DF) still relies on professional podiatrists. However, in less-developed countries, podiatrists are scarce, which led to the majority of undiagnosed patients. In this study, we proposed the real-time detection and location method for Wagner grades of DF based on refinements on YOLOv3. We collected 2,688 data samples and implemented several methods, such as a visual coherent image mixup, label smoothing, and training scheduler revamping, based on the ablation study. The experimental results suggested that the refinements on YOLOv3 achieved an accuracy of 91.95 and the inference speed of a single picture reaches 31ms with the NVIDIA Tesla V100. To test the performance of the model on a smartphone, we deployed the refinements on YOLOv3 models on an Android 9 system smartphone. This work has the potential to lead to a paradigm shift for clinical treatment of the DF in the future, to provide an effective healthcare solution for DF tissue analysis and healing status.



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