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Efficient Multilinear Map from Graded Encoding Scheme

by   Majid Salimi, et al.

Though the multilinear maps have many cryptographic applications, secure and efficient construction of such maps is an open problem. Many multilinear maps like GGH, GGH15, CLT, and CLT15 have been and are being proposed, while none of them is both secure and efficient. The construction of some multilinear maps is based on the Graded Encoding Scheme (GES), where, the necessity of announcing zero-testing parameter and encoding of zero has destroyed the security of the multilinear map. Attempt is made to propose a new GES, where, instead of encoding an element, the users can obtain the encoding of an associated but unknown random element. In this new setting, there is no need to publish the encodings of zero and one. This new GES provides the actual functionality of the usual GES and can be applied in constructing a secure and efficient multilinear map and a multi-party non-interactive key exchange (MP-NIKE) scheme. We also improve the MP-NIKE scheme of <cit.> and turn it into an ID-based MP-NIKE scheme.


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