Efficient low-order refined preconditioners for high-order matrix-free continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods

by   Will Pazner, et al.

In this paper, we design preconditioners for the matrix-free solution of high-order continuous and discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of elliptic problems based on FEM-SEM equivalence and additive Schwarz methods. The high-order operators are applied without forming the system matrix, making use of sum factorization for efficient evaluation. The system is preconditioned using a spectrally equivalent low-order finite element operator discretization on a refined mesh. The low-order refined mesh is anisotropic and not shape regular in p, requiring specialized solvers to treat the anisotropy. We make use of a structured, geometric multigrid V-cycle with ordered ILU(0) smoothing. The preconditioner is parallelized through an overlapping additive Schwarz method that is robust in h and p. The method is extended to interior penalty and BR2 discontinuous Galerkin discretizations, for which it is also robust in the size of the penalty parameter. Numerical results are presented on a variety of examples, verifying the uniformity of the preconditioner.



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