Efficient equilibrium-based stress recovery for isogeometric laminated curved structures

by   Alessia Patton, et al.

This work focuses on an efficient stress recovery procedure for laminated composite curved structures, which relies on Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) and equilibrium. Using a single element through the thickness in combination with a calibrated layerwise integration rule or a homogenized approach, the 3D solid isogeometric modeling grants an inexpensive and accurate approximation in terms of displacements (and their derivatives) and in-plane stresses, while through-the-thickness stress components are poorly approximated. Applying a further post-processing step, an accurate out-of-plane stress state is also recovered, even from a coarse displacement solution. This is based on a direct integration of the equilibrium equations in strong form, involving high order derivatives of the displacement field. Such a continuity requirement is fully granted by IGA shape function properties. The post-processing step is locally applied, which grants that no additional coupled terms appear in the equilibrium, allowing for a direct reconstruction without the need to further iterate to resolve the out-of-balance momentum equation. Several numerical results show the good performance of this approach particularly for composite stacks with significant radius-to-thickness ratio and number of plies. In particular, in the latter case, where a layerwise technique employing a number of degrees of freedom directly proportional to the number of plies would be much more computationally demanding, the proposed method can be regarded as a very appealing alternative choice.


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