Efficient Deep Learning-based Estimation of the Vital Signs on Smartphones

by   Taha Samavati, et al.

Nowadays, due to the widespread use of smartphones in everyday life and the improvement of computational capabilities of these devices, many complex tasks can now be deployed on them. Concerning the need for continuous monitoring of vital signs, especially for the elderly or those with certain types of diseases, the development of algorithms that can estimate vital signs using smartphones has attracted researchers worldwide. Such algorithms estimate vital signs (heart rate and oxygen saturation level) by processing an input PPG signal. These methods often apply multiple pre-processing steps to the input signal before the prediction step. This can increase the computational complexity of these methods, meaning only a limited number of mobile devices can run them. Furthermore, multiple pre-processing steps also require the design of a couple of hand-crafted stages to obtain an optimal result. This research proposes a novel end-to-end solution to mobile-based vital sign estimation by deep learning. The proposed method does not require any pre-processing. Due to the use of fully convolutional architecture, the parameter count of our proposed model is, on average, a quarter of the ordinary architectures that use fully-connected layers as the prediction heads. As a result, the proposed model has less over-fitting chance and computational complexity. A public dataset for vital sign estimation, including 62 videos collected from 35 men and 27 women, is also provided. The experimental results demonstrate state-of-the-art estimation accuracy.


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