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Efficient Clustering of Correlated Variables and Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Linear Models

by   Niharika Gauraha, et al.

In this paper, we introduce Adaptive Cluster Lasso(ACL) method for variable selection in high dimensional sparse regression models with strongly correlated variables. To handle correlated variables, the concept of clustering or grouping variables and then pursuing model fitting is widely accepted. When the dimension is very high, finding an appropriate group structure is as difficult as the original problem. The ACL is a three-stage procedure where, at the first stage, we use the Lasso(or its adaptive or thresholded version) to do initial selection, then we also include those variables which are not selected by the Lasso but are strongly correlated with the variables selected by the Lasso. At the second stage we cluster the variables based on the reduced set of predictors and in the third stage we perform sparse estimation such as Lasso on cluster representatives or the group Lasso based on the structures generated by clustering procedure. We show that our procedure is consistent and efficient in finding true underlying population group structure(under assumption of irrepresentable and beta-min conditions). We also study the group selection consistency of our method and we support the theory using simulated and pseudo-real dataset examples.


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