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Efficiency-Improved Inter-Rollup Transfer System Leveraging Batch Settlement Methods

by   Hyun Jeong, et al.
Seoul National University

As the significance of blockchain innovation grows and the focus on scalability intensifies, rollup technology has emerged as a promising approach to tackle these scalability concerns. Nonetheless, rollups encounter restrictions when interacting with other rollups, leading to diminished throughput, increased latency, higher fees, and a complex user experience in transactions between rollups. In this paper, we put forth a novel system that employs batch settlement techniques to augment the efficiency of transfers between rollups. Our proposed system comprises a settlement rollup responsible for batch settling transfers among rollups and a smart contract structure that carries out the settlements. Notably, we utilize a zero-knowledge proof algorithm to guarantee the computational integrity of the settlement rollup while ensuring security through Ethereum smart contracts for proof verification and settlement execution. By implementing this approach, the proposed system can effectively and securely execute asset transfers between rollups, ultimately improving their scalability and usability. Consequently, our research provides a fresh perspective on resolving the challenges of throughput, latency, and fees associated with transfer systems.


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