Effects of Axial Load on the Location of a Combined Null Point in Energy Piles

by   Arash Saeidi Rashk Olia, et al.

Soil structure interaction in energy piles has not yet been understood comprehensively. One of the important underlying issues is the location of a zero-displacement point, known as the null point. This study investigates how the location of a combined null point in fully floating energy piles is affected by relative magnitudes of thermal and mechanical loads. Analytical solutions are used to address four different loading scenarios including compressive and tensile loads, and heating and cooling. It was found that the location of the combined null point coincides with the location of the maximum magnitude of the axial stress induced by thermo-mechanical load. Furthermore, while a thermal null point is always present in fully floating energy piles, the combined null point is absent in the case of a small magnitude of thermal load as compared to the mechanical load. With increase in the relative magnitude of thermal load as compared to the mechanical load the combined null point emerges at different locations for different load combinations. In all cases it subsequently moves towards the mid-length of the pile with increase in the relative magnitude of thermal load.



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