Effectively leveraging Multi-modal Features for Movie Genre Classification

by   Zhongping Zhang, et al.

Movie genre classification has been widely studied in recent years due to its various applications in video editing, summarization, and recommendation. Prior work has typically addressed this task by predicting genres based solely on the visual content. As a result, predictions from these methods often perform poorly for genres such as documentary or musical, since non-visual modalities like audio or language play an important role in correctly classifying these genres. In addition, the analysis of long videos at frame level is always associated with high computational cost and makes the prediction less efficient. To address these two issues, we propose a Multi-Modal approach leveraging shot information, MMShot, to classify video genres in an efficient and effective way. We evaluate our method on MovieNet and Condensed Movies for genre classification, achieving 17 (mAP) over the state-of-the-art. Extensive experiments are conducted to demonstrate the ability of MMShot for long video analysis and uncover the correlations between genres and multiple movie elements. We also demonstrate our approach's ability to generalize by evaluating the scene boundary detection task, achieving 1.1 state-of-the-art.


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