Effective Kan fibrations in simplicial sets

09/26/2020 ∙ by Benno van den Berg, et al. ∙ 0

We introduce the notion of an effective Kan fibration, a new mathematical structure that can be used to study simplicial homotopy theory. Our main motivation is to make simplicial homotopy theory suitable for homotopy type theory. Effective Kan fibrations are maps of simplicial sets equipped with a structured collection of chosen lifts that satisfy certain non-trivial properties. This contrasts with the ordinary, unstructured notion of a Kan fibration. We show that fundamental properties of Kan fibrations can be extended to explicit constructions on effective Kan fibrations. In particular, we give a constructive (explicit) proof showing that effective Kan fibrations are stable under push forward, or fibred exponentials. This is known to be impossible for ordinary Kan fibrations. We further show that effective Kan fibrations are local, or completely determined by their fibres above representables. We also give an (ineffective) proof saying that the maps which can be equipped with the structure of an effective Kan fibration are precisely the ordinary Kan fibrations. Hence implicitly, both notions still describe the same homotopy theory. By showing that the effective Kan fibrations combine all these properties, we solve an open problem in homotopy type theory. In this way our work provides a first step in giving a constructive account of Voevodsky's model of univalent type theory in simplicial sets.



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