Effective Enabling of Sharing and Reuse of Knowledge On Semantic Web by Ontology in Date Fruit Model

by   P. C. Sherimon, et al.

Since Organizations have recognized that knowledge constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating and sustaining competitive advantages, knowledge sharing has a vital role in present society. It is an activity through which information is exchanged among people through different media. Many problems face the area of knowledge sharing and knowledge reuse. Currently, knowledge sharing between entities is achieved in a very ad-hoc fashion, lacking proper understanding of the meaning of the data. Ontologies can potentially solve these problems by facilitating knowledge sharing and reuse through formal and real-world semantics. Ontologies, through formal semantics, are machine-understandable. A computer can process data, annotated with references to ontologies, and through the knowledge encapsulated in the ontology, deduce facts from the original data. The date fruit is the most enduring symbol of the Sultanate's rich heritage. Creating ontology for dates will enrich the farming group and research scholars in the agro farm area.



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