Effective Correlates of Motor Imagery Performance based on Default Mode Network in Resting-State

02/11/2020 ∙ by Jae-Geun Yoon, et al. ∙ 0

Motor imagery based brain-computer interfaces (MI-BCIs) allow the control of devices and communication by imagining different muscle movements. However, most studies have reported a problem of "BCI-illiteracy" that does not have enough performance to use MI-BCI. Therefore, understanding subjects with poor performance and finding the cause of performance variation is still an important challenge. In this study, we proposed predictors of MI performance using effective connectivity in resting-state EEG. As a result, the high and low MI performance groups had a significant difference as 23 difference. We also found that connection from right lateral parietal to left lateral parietal in resting-state EEG was correlated significantly with MI performance (r = -0.37). These findings could help to understand BCI-illiteracy and to consider alternatives that are appropriate for the subject.



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