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Effective and Acceptable Eco-Driving Guidance for Human-Driving Vehicles: A Review

by   Ran Tu, et al.

Ecodriving guidance includes courses or suggestions for human drivers to improve driving behaviour, reducing energy use and emissions. This paper presents a systematic review of existing eco-driving guidance studies and identifies challenges to tackle in the future. A standard agreement on the guidance design has not been reached, leading to difficulties in designing and implementing eco-driving guidance for human drivers. Both static and dynamic guidance systems have a great variety of guidance results. In addition, the influencing factors, such as the suggestion content, the displaying methods, and drivers socio-demographic characteristics, have opposite effects on the guidance result across studies, while the reason has not been revealed. Drivers motivation to practice eco behaviour, especially long-term, is overlooked. Besides, the relationship between users acceptance and system effectiveness is still unclear. Adaptive driving suggestions based on drivers habits can improve the effectiveness, while this field is under investigation.


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