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Effect of implementation of improved methods of the life cycle stages organisation to the online community management

by   Yuriy Syerov, et al.

This paper presents the current problem of investigation of the effect of implementation of improved methods of the life cycle stages organisation to online community management. The online community life cycle is the sum of the stages of organisation and development of online community. The current approaches of scientific researches of social processes within the WWW are analysed. The types of life cycles are distinguished and implemented in the online community management. The algorithm of life cycle stages of the online community is designed. The total quality of the life cycle stages execution and quality of the life cycle stages execution of Lviv Polytechnic online community from 2013 till 2016. Currently, the appropriate study and development of community management hardware and software provoke the most interest because online communities are a widespread and popular phenomenon, and the existing management software for them is imperfect and not complex.


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