EEG-BBNet: a Hybrid Framework for Brain Biometric using Graph Connectivity

by   Payongkit Lakhan, et al.

Brain biometrics based on electroencephalography (EEG) have been used increasingly for personal identification. Traditional machine learning techniques as well as modern day deep learning methods have been applied with promising results. In this paper we present EEG-BBNet, a hybrid network which integrates convolutional neural networks (CNN) with graph convolutional neural networks (GCNN). The benefit of the CNN in automatic feature extraction and the capability of GCNN in learning connectivity between EEG electrodes through graph representation are jointly exploited. We examine various connectivity measures, namely the Euclidean distance, Pearson's correlation coefficient, phase-locked value, phase-lag index, and Rho index. The performance of the proposed method is assessed on a benchmark dataset consisting of various brain-computer interface (BCI) tasks and compared to other state-of-the-art approaches. We found that our models outperform all baselines in the event-related potential (ERP) task with an average correct recognition rates up to 99.26 RHO index provide the best classification results. In addition, our model demonstrates greater adaptability using inter-session and inter-task data. We also investigate the practicality of our proposed model with smaller number of electrodes. Electrode placements over the frontal lobe region appears to be most appropriate with minimal lost in performance.


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