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Edge Guided GANs with Semantic Preserving for Semantic Image Synthesis

by   Hao Tang, et al.

We propose a novel Edge guided Generative Adversarial Network (EdgeGAN) for photo-realistic image synthesis from semantic layouts. Although considerable improvement has been achieved, the quality of synthesized images is far from satisfactory due to two largely unresolved challenges. First, the semantic labels do not provide detailed structural information, making it difficult to synthesize local details and structures. Second, the widely adopted CNN operations such as convolution, down-sampling and normalization usually cause spatial resolution loss and thus are unable to fully preserve the original semantic information, leading to semantically inconsistent results (e.g., missing small objects). To tackle the first challenge, we propose to use the edge as an intermediate representation which is further adopted to guide image generation via a proposed attention guided edge transfer module. Edge information is produced by a convolutional generator and introduces detailed structure information. Further, to preserve the semantic information, we design an effective module to selectively highlight class-dependent feature maps according to the original semantic layout. Extensive experiments on two challenging datasets show that the proposed EdgeGAN can generate significantly better results than state-of-the-art methods. The source code and trained models are available at


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Edge Guided GANs with Semantic Preserving for Semantic Image Synthesis

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