Edge-decomposing graphs into coprime forests

by   Tereza Klimošová, et al.

The Barat-Thomassen conjecture, recently proved in [Bensmail et al.: A proof of the Barat-Thomassen conjecture. J. Combin. Theory Ser. B, 124:39-55, 2017.], asserts that for every tree T, there is a constant c_T such that every c_T-edge connected graph G with number of edges (size) divisible by the size of T admits an edge partition into copies of T (a T-decomposition). In this paper, we investigate in which case the connectivity requirement can be dropped to a minimum degree condition. For instance, it was shown in [Bensmail et al.: Edge-partitioning a graph into paths: beyond the Barat-Thomassen conjecture. arXiv:1507.08208] that when T is a path with k edges, there is a constant d_k such that every 24-edge connected graph G with size divisible by k and minimum degree d_k has a T-decomposition. We show in this paper that when F is a coprime forest (the sizes of its components being a coprime set of integers), any graph G with sufficiently large minimum degree has an F-decomposition provided that the size of F divides the size of G (no connectivity is required). A natural conjecture asked in [Bensmail et al.: Edge-partitioning a graph into paths: beyond the Barat-Thomassen conjecture. arXiv:1507.08208] asserts that for a fixed tree T, any graph G of size divisible by the size of T with sufficiently high minimum degree has a T-decomposition, provided that G is sufficiently highly connected in terms of the maximal degree of T. The case of maximum degree 2 is answered by paths. We provide a counterexample to this conjecture in the case of maximum degree 3.


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