Economical Caching for Scalable Videos in Cache-enabled Heterogeneous Networks

by   Xuewei Zhang, et al.

We develop the optimal economical caching schemes in cache-enabled heterogeneous networks, while delivering multimedia video services with personalized viewing qualities to mobile users. By applying scalable video coding (SVC), each video file to be requested is divided into one base layer (BL) and several enhancement layers (ELs). In order to assign different transmission tasks, the serving small-cell base stations (SBSs) are grouped into K clusters. The SBSs are able to cache and cooperatively transmit BL and EL contents to the user. We analytically derive the expressions for successful transmission probability and ergodic service rate, and then the closed form of EConomical Efficiency (ECE) is obtained. In order to enhance the ECE performance, we formulate the ECE optimization problems for two cases. In the first case, with equal cache size equipped at each SBS, the layer caching indicator is determined. Since this problem is NP-hard, after the l0-norm approximation, the discrete optimization variables are relaxed to be continuous, and this relaxed problem is convex. Next, based on the optimal solution derived from the relaxed problem, we devise a greedystrategy based heuristic algorithm to achieve the near-optimal layer caching indicators. In the second case, the cache size for each SBS, the layer size and the layer caching indicator are jointly optimized. This problem is a mixed integer programming problem, which is more challenging. To effectively solve this problem, the original ECE maximization problem is divided into two subproblems. These two subproblems are iteratively solved until the original optimization problem is convergent. Numerical results verify the correctness of theoretical derivations. Additionally, compared to the most popular layer placement strategy, the performance superiority of the proposed SVC-based caching schemes is testified.


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