Eco-Routing Using Open Street Maps

11/27/2020 ∙ by R. K. Ghosh, et al. ∙ 0

A vehicle's fuel consumption depends on its type, the speed, the condition, and the gradients of the road on which it is moving. We developed a Routing Engine for finding an eco-route (one with low fuel consumption) between a source and a destination. Open Street Maps has data on road conditions. We used CGIAR-CSI road elevation data 16[4] to integrate the road gradients into the proposed route-finding algorithm that modifies Open Street Routing Machine (OSRM). It allowed us to dynamically predict a vehicle's velocity, considering both the conditions and the road segment's slope. Using Highway EneRgy Assessment (HERA) methodology, we calculated the fuel consumed by a vehicle given its type and velocity. We have created both web and mobile interfaces through which users can specify Geo coordinates or human-readable addresses of a source and a destination. The user interface graphically displays the route obtained from the proposed Routing Engine with a detailed travel itinerary.



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