Ear Recognition With Score-Level Fusion Based On CMC In Long-Wave Infrared Spectrum

01/27/2018 ∙ by Umit Kacar, et al. ∙ 0

Only a few studies have been reported regarding human ear recognition in long wave infrared band. Thus, we have created ear database based on long wave infrared band. We have called that the database is long wave infrared band MIDAS consisting of 2430 records of 81 subjects. Thermal band provides seamless operation both night and day, robust against spoofing with understanding live ear and invariant to illumination conditions for human ear recognition. We have proposed to use different algorithms to reveal the distinctive features. Then, we have reduced the number of dimensions using subspace methods. Finally, the dimension of data is reduced in accordance with the classifier methods. After this, the decision is determined by the best sores or combining some of the best scores with matching fusion. The results have showed that the fusion technique was successful. We have reached 97.71 probes. Furthermore, we have defined the perfect rank which is rank number when recognition rate reaches 100 important for especially forensics, for example corpse identification, criminal investigation etc.



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