E-Cyclist: Implementation of an Efficient Validation of FOLID Cyclic Induction Reasoning

09/07/2021 ∙ by Sorin Stratulat, et al. ∙ Université Lorraine 0

Checking the soundness of cyclic induction reasoning for first-order logic with inductive definitions (FOLID) is decidable but the standard checking method is based on an exponential complement operation for Büchi automata. Recently, we introduced a polynomial checking method whose most expensive steps recall the comparisons done with multiset path orderings. We describe the implementation of our method in the Cyclist prover. Referred to as E-Cyclist, it successfully checked all the proofs included in the original distribution of Cyclist. Heuristics have been devised to automatically define, from the analysis of the proof derivations, the trace-based ordering measures that guarantee the soundness property.



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