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Dynamic Video Segmentation Network

by   Yu-Syuan Xu, et al.
National Tsing Hua University

In this paper, we present a detailed design of dynamic video segmentation network (DVSNet) for fast and efficient semantic video segmentation. DVSNet consists of two convolutional neural networks: a segmentation network and a flow network. The former generates highly accurate semantic segmentations, but is deeper and slower. The latter is much faster than the former, but its output requires further processing to generate less accurate semantic segmentations. We explore the use of a decision network to adaptively assign different frame regions to different networks based on a metric called expected confidence score. Frame regions with a higher expected confidence score traverse the flow network. Frame regions with a lower expected confidence score have to pass through the segmentation network. We have extensively performed experiments on various configurations of DVSNet, and investigated a number of variants for the proposed decision network. The experimental results show that our DVSNet is able to achieve up to 70.4 speed version of DVSNet is able to deliver an fps of 30.4 with 63.2 the same dataset. DVSNet is also able to reduce up to 95% of the computational workloads.


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Modified implementation for DVSNet based on Tensorflow

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