Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization

06/17/2020 ∙ by Marisa Kirisame, et al. ∙ 101

Checkpointing enables training larger models by freeing intermediate activations and recomputing them on demand. Previous checkpointing techniques are difficult to generalize to dynamic models because they statically plan recomputations offline. We present Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization (DTR), a greedy online algorithm for heuristically checkpointing arbitrary models. DTR is extensible and general: it is parameterized by an eviction policy and only collects lightweight metadata on tensors and operators. Though DTR has no advance knowledge of the model or training task, we prove it can train an N-layer feedforward network on an Ω(√(N)) memory budget with only O(N) tensor operations. Moreover, we identify a general eviction heuristic and show how it allows DTR to automatically provide favorable checkpointing performance across a variety of models and memory budgets.



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