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Dynamic Resource Allocation and Activity Management for Energy Efficiency and Fairness in Heterogeneous Networks

by   Amir Behrouzi-Far, et al.

Higher energy consumption of Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet), compared to Macro Only Networks (MONET), raises a great concern about the energy efficiency of HetNets. In this work we study a dynamic activation strategy, which changes the state of small cells between Active and Idle according to the dynamically changing user traffic, in order to increase the energy efficiency of HetNets. Moreover, we incorporate dynamic inter-tier bandwidth allocation to our model. The proposed Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and Dynamic Activation (DBADA) strategy is applied in cell-edge deployment of small cells, where HotSpot regions are located far from the master base station. Our objective is to maximize the sum utility of the network with minimum energy consumption. To ensure proportional fairness among users, we used logarithmic utility function. To evaluate the performance of the proposed strategy, the median, 10-percentile and the sum of users' data rates and the network energy consumption are evaluated by simulation. Our simulation results shows that the DBADA strategy improves the energy consumed per unit of users' data rate by up to 25%. It also achieves lower energy consumption by at least 25%, compared to always active scenario for small cells.


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