Dynamic Planning of Bicycle Stations in Dockless Public Bicycle-sharing System Using Gated Graph Neural Network

by   Jianguo Chen, et al.

Benefiting from convenient cycling and flexible parking locations, the Dockless Public Bicycle-sharing (DL-PBS) network becomes increasingly popular in many countries. However, redundant and low-utility stations waste public urban space and maintenance costs of DL-PBS vendors. In this paper, we propose a Bicycle Station Dynamic Planning (BSDP) system to dynamically provide the optimal bicycle station layout for the DL-PBS network. The BSDP system contains four modules: bicycle drop-off location clustering, bicycle-station graph modeling, bicycle-station location prediction, and bicycle-station layout recommendation. In the bicycle drop-off location clustering module, candidate bicycle stations are clustered from each spatio-temporal subset of the large-scale cycling trajectory records. In the bicycle-station graph modeling module, a weighted digraph model is built based on the clustering results and inferior stations with low station revenue and utility are filtered. Then, graph models across time periods are combined to create a graph sequence model. In the bicycle-station location prediction module, the GGNN model is used to train the graph sequence data and dynamically predict bicycle stations in the next period. In the bicycle-station layout recommendation module, the predicted bicycle stations are fine-tuned according to the government urban management plan, which ensures that the recommended station layout is conducive to city management, vendor revenue, and user convenience. Experiments on actual DL-PBS networks verify the effectiveness, accuracy and feasibility of the proposed BSDP system.



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