Dynamic Modeling and Adaptive Controlling in GPS-Intelligent Buoy (GIB) Systems Based on Neural-Fuzzy Networks

by   Dangquan Zhang, et al.

Recently, various relations and criteria have been presented to establish a proper relationship between control systems and control the Global Positioning System (GPS)-intelligent buoy system. Given the importance of controlling the position of buoys and the construction of intelligent systems, in this paper, dynamic system modeling is applied to position marine buoys through the improved neural network with a backstepping technique. This study aims at developing a novel controller based on an adaptive fuzzy neural network to optimally track the dynamically positioned vehicle on the water with unavailable velocities and unidentified control parameters. In order to model the network with the proposed technique, uncertainties and the unwanted disturbances are studied in the neural network. The presented study aims at developing a neural controlling which applies the vectorial back-stepping technique to the surface ships, which have been dynamically positioned with undetermined disturbances and ambivalences. Moreover, the objective function is to minimize the output error for the neural network (NN) based on the closed-loop system. The most important feature of the proposed model for the positioning buoys is its independence from comparative knowledge or information on the dynamics and the unwanted disturbances of ships. The numerical and obtained consequences demonstrate that the control system can adjust the routes and the position of the buoys to the desired objective with relatively few position errors.



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