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Dynamic list coloring of 1-planar graphs

by   Xin Zhang, et al.
Xidian University

A graph is k-planar if it can be drawn in the plane so that each edge is crossed at most k times. Typically, the class of 1-planar graphs is among the most investigated graph families within the so-called "beyond planar graphs". A dynamic ℓ-list coloring of a graph is a proper coloring so that each vertex receives a color from a list of ℓ distinct candidate colors assigned to it, and meanwhile, there are at least two colors appearing in the neighborhood of every vertex of degree at least two. In this paper, we prove that each 1-planar graph has a dynamic 11-list coloring. Moreover, we show a relationship between the dynamic coloring of 1-planar graphs and the proper coloring of 2-planar graphs, which states that the dynamic (list) chromatic number of the class of 1-planar graphs is at least the (list) chromatic number of the class of 2-planar graphs.


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