Dynamic Impact for Ant Colony Optimization algorithm

by   Jonas Skackauskas, et al.

This paper proposes an extension method for Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm called Dynamic Impact. Dynamic Impact is designed to solve challenging optimization problems that has nonlinear relationship between resource consumption and fitness in relation to other part of the optimized solution. This proposed method is tested against complex real-world Microchip Manufacturing Plant Production Floor Optimization (MMPPFO) problem, as well as theoretical benchmark Multi-Dimensional Knapsack problem (MKP). MMPPFO is a non-trivial optimization problem, due the nature of solution fitness value dependence on collection of wafer-lots without prioritization of any individual wafer-lot. Using Dynamic Impact on single objective optimization fitness value is improved by 33.2 have been solved to 100 is observed, and large instances have showed average gap improved by 4.26 times. Algorithm implementation demonstrated superior performance across small and large datasets and sparse optimization problems.



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