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Dynamic Grass Color Scale Display Technique Based on Grass Length for Green Landscape-Friendly Animation Display

by   Kojiro Tanaka, et al.

Recently, public displays such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are often used in urban green spaces, however, the display devices can spoil green landscape of urban green spaces because they look like artificial materials. We previously proposed a green landscape-friendly grass animation display method by controlling a pixel-by-pixel grass color dynamically. The grass color can be changed by moving a green grass length in yellow grass, and the grass animation display can play simple animations using grayscale images. In the previous research, the color scale was mapped to the green grass length subjectively, however, this method has not achieved displaying the grass colors corresponding to the color scale based on objective evaluations. Here, we introduce a dynamic grass color scale display technique based on a grass length. In this paper, we developed a grass color scale setting procedure to map the grass length to the color scale with five levels through image processing. Through the outdoor experiment of the grass color scale setting procedure, the color scale can correspond to the green grass length based on a viewpoint. After the experiments, we demonstrated a grass animation display to show the animations with the color scale using the experiment results.


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