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Dynamic Graph Algorithms with Batch Updates in the Massively Parallel Computation Model

by   Krzysztof Nowicki, et al.
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych we Wrocławiu

We study dynamic graph algorithms in the Massively Parallel Computation model (MPC), inspired by practical data processing systems. Our goal is to provide algorithms that can efficiently handle large batches of edge insertions and deletions. We show algorithms that require fewer rounds to update a solution to problems such as Minimum Spanning Forest and Maximal Matching than would be required by their static counterparts to compute it from scratch. They work in the most restrictive memory regime, in which local memory per machine is strongly sublinear in the number of graph vertices. Improving on the size of the batch they can handle would improve on the round complexity of known static algorithms on sparse graphs. More precisely, we provide O(1) round algorithms that can process a batch of updated of size O(S) for the Minimum Spanning Forest problem and a batch of updates of size O(S^1-ε) for the Maximal Matching problem, where S is the limit on the local memory of a single machine.


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