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Dynamic Gauss Newton Metropolis Algorithm

by   Mehmet Ugurbil, et al.

GNM: The MCMC Jagger. A rocking awesome sampler. This python package is an affine invariant Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampler based on the dynamic Gauss-Newton-Metropolis (GNM) algorithm. The GNM algorithm is specialized in sampling highly non-linear posterior probability distribution functions of the form e^-||f(x)||^2/2, and the package is an implementation of this algorithm. On top of the back-off strategy in the original GNM algorithm, there is the dynamic hyper-parameter optimization feature added to the algorithm and included in the package to help increase performance of the back-off and therefore the sampling. Also, there are the Jacobian tester, error bars creator and many more features for the ease of use included in the code. The problem is introduced and a guide to installation is given in the introduction. Then how to use the python package is explained. The algorithm is given and finally there are some examples using exponential time series to show the performance of the algorithm and the back-off strategy.


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