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Dynamic Deep Convolutional Candlestick Learner

by   Jun-Hao Chen, et al.

Candlestick pattern is one of the most fundamental and valuable graphical tools in financial trading that supports traders observing the current market conditions to make the proper decision. This task has a long history and, most of the time, human experts. Recently, efforts have been made to automatically classify these patterns with the deep learning models. The GAF-CNN model is a well-suited way to imitate how human traders capture the candlestick pattern by integrating spatial features visually. However, with the great potential of the GAF encoding, this classification task can be extended to a more complicated object detection level. This work presents an innovative integration of modern object detection techniques and GAF time-series encoding on candlestick pattern tasks. We make crucial modifications to the representative yet straightforward YOLO version 1 model based on our time-series encoding method and the property of such data type. Powered by the deep neural networks and the unique architectural design, the proposed model performs pretty well in candlestick classification and location recognition. The results show tremendous potential in applying modern object detection techniques on time-series tasks in a real-time manner.


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