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DUT: Learning Video Stabilization by Simply Watching Unstable Videos

by   Yufei Xu, et al.

We propose a Deep Unsupervised Trajectory-based stabilization framework (DUT) in this paper. Traditional stabilizers focus on trajectory-based smoothing, which is controllable but fragile in occluded and textureless cases regarding the usage of hand-crafted features. On the other hand, previous deep video stabilizers directly generate stable videos in a supervised manner without explicit trajectory estimation, which is robust but less controllable and the appropriate paired data are hard to obtain. To construct a controllable and robust stabilizer, DUT makes the first attempt to stabilize unstable videos by explicitly estimating and smoothing trajectories in an unsupervised deep learning manner, which is composed of a DNN-based keypoint detector and motion estimator to generate grid-based trajectories, and a DNN-based trajectory smoother to stabilize videos. We exploit both the nature of continuity in motion and the consistency of keypoints and grid vertices before and after stabilization for unsupervised training. Experiment results on public benchmarks show that DUT outperforms representative state-of-the-art methods both qualitatively and quantitatively.


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