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Duplex Conversation: Towards Human-like Interaction in Spoken Dialogue Systems

by   Ting-En Lin, et al.
Alibaba Group

In this paper, we present Duplex Conversation, a multi-turn, multimodal spoken dialogue system that enables telephone-based agents to interact with customers like a human. We use the concept of full-duplex in telecommunication to demonstrate what a human-like interactive experience should be and how to achieve smooth turn-taking through three subtasks: user state detection, backchannel selection, and barge-in detection. Besides, we propose semi-supervised learning with multimodal data augmentation to leverage unlabeled data to increase model generalization. Experimental results on three sub-tasks show that the proposed method achieves consistent improvements compared with baselines. We deploy the Duplex Conversation to Alibaba intelligent customer service and share lessons learned in production. Online A/B experiments show that the proposed system can significantly reduce response latency by 50


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