Dual Multi-scale Mean Teacher Network for Semi-supervised Infection Segmentation in Chest CT Volume for COVID-19

by   Liansheng Wang, et al.

Automated detecting lung infections from computed tomography (CT) data plays an important role for combating COVID-19. However, there are still some challenges for developing AI system. 1) Most current COVID-19 infection segmentation methods mainly relied on 2D CT images, which lack 3D sequential constraint. 2) Existing 3D CT segmentation methods focus on single-scale representations, which do not achieve the multiple level receptive field sizes on 3D volume. 3) The emergent breaking out of COVID-19 makes it hard to annotate sufficient CT volumes for training deep model. To address these issues, we first build a multiple dimensional-attention convolutional neural network (MDA-CNN) to aggregate multi-scale information along different dimension of input feature maps and impose supervision on multiple predictions from different CNN layers. Second, we assign this MDA-CNN as a basic network into a novel dual multi-scale mean teacher network (DM^2T-Net) for semi-supervised COVID-19 lung infection segmentation on CT volumes by leveraging unlabeled data and exploring the multi-scale information. Our DM^2T-Net encourages multiple predictions at different CNN layers from the student and teacher networks to be consistent for computing a multi-scale consistency loss on unlabeled data, which is then added to the supervised loss on the labeled data from multiple predictions of MDA-CNN. Third, we collect two COVID-19 segmentation datasets to evaluate our method. The experimental results show that our network consistently outperforms the compared state-of-the-art methods.


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