Dual-Mode Synchronization Predictive Control of Robotic Manipulator

by   Zhu Dachang, et al.

To reduce the contour error of the end-effector of a robotic manipulator during trajectory tracking, a dual-mode synchronization predictive control is proposed. Firstly, the dynamic model of n-DoF robotic manipulator is discretized by using the Taylor expansion method, and the mapping relationship between the joint error in the joint space and the contour error in task space is constructed. Secondly, the synchronization error and the tracking error in the joint space are defined, and the coupling error of joints is derived through the coupling coefficient . Thirdly, a dual-mode synchronization predictive control is proposed, and the stability of the proposed control system is guaranteed using constraint set conditions. Finally, numerical simulation and experimental results are shown to prove the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.



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