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Dual-arm Assembly Planning Considering Gravitational Constraints

by   Ryota Moriyama, et al.
Osaka University

Planning dual-arm assembly of more than three objects is a challenging Task and Motion Planning (TAMP) problem. The assembly planner shall consider not only the pose constraints of objects and robots, but also the gravitational constraints that may break the finished part. This paper proposes a planner to plan the dual-arm assembly of more than three objects. It automatically generates the grasp configurations and assembly poses, and simultaneously searches and backtracks the grasp space and assembly space to accelerate the motion planning of robot arms. Meanwhile, the proposed method considers gravitational constraints during robot motion planning to avoid breaking the finished part. In the experiments and analysis section, the time cost of each process and the influence of different parameters used in the proposed planner are compared and analyzed. The optimal values are used to perform real-world executions of various robotic assembly tasks. The planner is proved to be robust and efficient through the experiments.


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