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Dual Approach as Empirical Reliability for Fractional Differential Equations

by   P. B. Dubovski, et al.

Computational methods for fractional differential equations exhibit essential instability. Even a minor modification of the coefficients or other entry data may switch good results to the divergent. The goal of this paper is to suggest the reliable dual approach which fixes this inconsistency. We suggest to use two parallel methods based on the transformation of fractional derivatives through integration by parts or by means of substitution. We introduce the method of substitution and choose the proper discretization scheme that fits the grid points for the by-parts method. The solution is reliable only if both methods produce the same results. As an additional control tool, the Taylor series expansion allows to estimate the approximation errors for fractional derivatives. In order to demonstrate the proposed dual approach, we apply it to linear, quasilinear and semilinear equations and obtain very good precision of the results. The provided examples and counterexamples support the necessity to use the dual approach because either method, used separately, may produce incorrect results. The order of the exactness is close to the exactness of fractional derivatives approximations.


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