DSSD : Deconvolutional Single Shot Detector

by   Cheng-Yang Fu, et al.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The main contribution of this paper is an approach for introducing additional context into state-of-the-art general object detection. To achieve this we first combine a state-of-the-art classifier (Residual-101[14]) with a fast detection framework (SSD[18]). We then augment SSD+Residual-101 with deconvolution layers to introduce additional large-scale context in object detection and improve accuracy, especially for small objects, calling our resulting system DSSD for deconvolutional single shot detector. While these two contributions are easily described at a high-level, a naive implementation does not succeed. Instead we show that carefully adding additional stages of learned transformations, specifically a module for feed-forward connections in deconvolution and a new output module, enables this new approach and forms a potential way forward for further detection research. Results are shown on both PASCAL VOC and COCO detection. Our DSSD with 513 × 513 input achieves 81.5 outperforming a state-of-the-art method R-FCN[3] on each dataset.


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