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DSPoint: Dual-scale Point Cloud Recognition with High-frequency Fusion

by   Renrui Zhang, et al.
University of Pennsylvania
ShanghaiTech University

Point cloud processing is a challenging task due to its sparsity and irregularity. Prior works introduce delicate designs on either local feature aggregator or global geometric architecture, but few combine both advantages. We propose Dual-Scale Point Cloud Recognition with High-frequency Fusion (DSPoint) to extract local-global features by concurrently operating on voxels and points. We reverse the conventional design of applying convolution on voxels and attention to points. Specifically, we disentangle point features through channel dimension for dual-scale processing: one by point-wise convolution for fine-grained geometry parsing, the other by voxel-wise global attention for long-range structural exploration. We design a co-attention fusion module for feature alignment to blend local-global modalities, which conducts inter-scale cross-modality interaction by communicating high-frequency coordinates information. Experiments and ablations on widely-adopted ModelNet40, ShapeNet, and S3DIS demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance of our DSPoint.


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