DS-FACTO: Doubly Separable Factorization Machines

04/29/2020 ∙ by Parameswaran Raman, et al. ∙ 0

Factorization Machines (FM) are powerful class of models that incorporate higher-order interaction among features to add more expressive power to linear models. They have been used successfully in several real-world tasks such as click-prediction, ranking and recommender systems. Despite using a low-rank representation for the pairwise features, the memory overheads of using factorization machines on large-scale real-world datasets can be prohibitively high. For instance on the criteo tera dataset, assuming a modest 128 dimensional latent representation and 10^9 features, the memory requirement for the model is in the order of 1 TB. In addition, the data itself occupies 2.1 TB. Traditional algorithms for FM which work on a single-machine are not equipped to handle this scale and therefore, using a distributed algorithm to parallelize the computation across a cluster is inevitable. In this work, we propose a hybrid-parallel stochastic optimization algorithm DS-FACTO, which partitions both the data as well as parameters of the factorization machine simultaneously. Our solution is fully de-centralized and does not require the use of any parameter servers. We present empirical results to analyze the convergence behavior, predictive power and scalability of DS-FACTO.



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