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Drivers' attention detection: a systematic literature review

by   Luiz G. Véras, et al.

Countless traffic accidents often occur because of the inattention of the drivers. Many factors can contribute to distractions while driving, since objects or events to physiological conditions, as drowsiness and fatigue, do not allow the driver to stay attentive. The technological progress allowed the development and application of many solutions to detect the attention in real situations, promoting the interest of the scientific community in these last years. Commonly, these solutions identify the lack of attention and alert the driver, in order to help her/him to recover the attention, avoiding serious accidents and preserving lives. Our work presents a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) of the methods and criteria used to detect attention of drivers at the wheel, focusing on those methods based on images. As results, 50 studies were selected from the literature on drivers' attention detection, in which 22 contain solutions in the desired context. The results of SLR can be used as a resource in the preparation of new research projects in drivers' attention detection.


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