Dragoon: Advanced Modelling of IP Geolocation by use of Latency Measurements

by   Peter Hillmann, et al.

IP Geolocation is a key enabler for many areas of application like determination of an attack origin, targeted advertisement, and Content Delivery Networks. Although IP Geolocation is an ongoing field of research for over one decade, it is still a challenging task, whereas good results are only achieved by the use of active latency measurements. Nevertheless, an increased accuracy is needed to improve service quality. This paper presents an novel approach to find optimized Landmark positions which are used for active probing. Since a reasonable Landmark selection is important for a highly accurate localization service, the goal is to find Landmarks close to the target with respect to the infrastructure and hop count. Furthermore, we introduce a new approach of an adaptable and more accurate mathematical modelling of an improved geographical location estimation process. Current techniques provide less information about solving the Landmark problem as well as are using imprecise models. We demonstrate the usability of our approach in a real-world environment and analyse Geolocation for the first time in Europe. The combination of an optimized Landmark selection and advanced modulation results in an improved accuracy of IP Geolocation.



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