Down-Sampled Epsilon-Lexicase Selection for Real-World Symbolic Regression Problems

by   Alina Geiger, et al.
University of Mainz

Epsilon-lexicase selection is a parent selection method in genetic programming that has been successfully applied to symbolic regression problems. Recently, the combination of random subsampling with lexicase selection significantly improved performance in other genetic programming domains such as program synthesis. However, the influence of subsampling on the solution quality of real-world symbolic regression problems has not yet been studied. In this paper, we propose down-sampled epsilon-lexicase selection which combines epsilon-lexicase selection with random subsampling to improve the performance in the domain of symbolic regression. Therefore, we compare down-sampled epsilon-lexicase with traditional selection methods on common real-world symbolic regression problems and analyze its influence on the properties of the population over a genetic programming run. We find that the diversity is reduced by using down-sampled epsilon-lexicase selection compared to standard epsilon-lexicase selection. This comes along with high hyperselection rates we observe for down-sampled epsilon-lexicase selection. Further, we find that down-sampled epsilon-lexicase selection outperforms the traditional selection methods on all studied problems. Overall, with down-sampled epsilon-lexicase selection we observe an improvement of the solution quality of up to 85 comparison to standard epsilon-lexicase selection.


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