DOTS: Decoupling Operation and Topology in Differentiable Architecture Search

10/02/2020 ∙ by Yu-Chao Gu, et al. ∙ 5

Differentiable Architecture Search (DARTS) has attracted extensive attention due to its efficiency in searching for cell structures. However, DARTS mainly focuses on the operation search, leaving the cell topology implicitly depending on the searched operation weights. Hence, a problem is raised: can cell topology be well represented by the operation weights? The answer is negative because we observe that the operation weights fail to indicate the performance of cell topology. In this paper, we propose to Decouple the Operation and Topology Search (DOTS), which decouples the cell topology representation from the operation weights to make an explicit topology search. DOTS is achieved by defining an additional cell topology search space besides the original operation search space. Within the DOTS framework, we propose group annealing operation search and edge annealing topology search to bridge the optimization gap between the searched over-parameterized network and the derived child network. DOTS is efficient and only costs 0.2 and 1 GPU-day to search the state-of-the-art cell architectures on CIFAR and ImageNet, respectively. By further searching for the topology of DARTS' searched cell, we can improve DARTS' performance significantly. The code will be publicly available.



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